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About Us_北京超立方科技有限公司
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About Us
北京超立方科技有限公司 / 2021-09-09

Beijing Hypercube Ltd. is a company to provide products and technology service to education, research and manufacture industries. Besides research products on Optical-Electronic application by ourselves, we also introduce many over-sea high technology products into the market of China mainland. Now we have been an agent of many manufacturers all through the world, some of them from America , Israel and some of them from Germany , England , Switzerland , Italy and other districts. The range of the products includes lasers, optical-electronic products, optical-mechanism equipment, test instruments; materials analyze equipments and so on.

The products on research or delegated can be applied into optical research, laser research, materials research, physics, biology areas. We provide products and post-sale service for these industries. It can also be used in the manufacture of many areas such as optical-electronic, laser manufacture and new material production and so on.

We have a strong team of skilled engineers and experienced sales to provide service for our customers. But we also have a stronger consultant team consisted of many specialists versed in optical, electrics and materials. The specialists come from Nan yang Technology University, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, South China Normal University and University of Science and Technology Beijing. So besides providing products, we also provide many consultant services for our customers.

Out headquarters is located in Hong Kong and three branches distributed in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu now. So our reaction to our customers' service requirement is very quick. As a professional company dedicated to provide products and consultant service to Education, research and manufacture industries, we will do our best to give good support and service to our customers.

Beijing Hypercube Ltd. is a company to provide products to education, research and manufacture industries. Now we have been an agent of many manufacturers all through the world. We have offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Hangzhou.

Main agent products of Beijing Hypercube Ltd. including:

         Semiconductor laser, tunable laser, gas laser (excimer laser, CO2 laser, etc.), solid state laser, femto-second lasers and other lasers & laser micromachining system;

l  Spectrometers, including fiber spectrometer, echelle spectrometer, NIR & FTIR spectrometer, and accessories (light sources, sampling accessories, fiber probe, etc.)

l  O Optoelectronic products, opto-mechanical components, motion control, optics, fiber optics;

l         Testing instruments, material analysis instrument, etc.



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